Dr Maymunah Kadiri, Africa’s Premier Celebrity Shrink, mental health physician and advocate shared through her Instagram page on normalizing mental health and mental illnesses.

In her statement, The death of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain (both died from suicide) this week just goes to show that there is NO immunity against having depression or any other mental illness.

No matter the level of your success, wealth and the happy faces seen on the web/social media, we are all facing different life challenges.

It’s high time to normalize mental health and mental illnesses. The moment has come that we have to drop the “what will people say syndrome”. .

The time has also come that we have to reach out to one another deliberately and truly show love and care. .

We have to begin to live intentionally.. Cultivate, own and nurture healthy support systems.. Speak out when we are going through challenges that are taking a toll on our mental health.

Encourage help seeking behavior when we know of someone going through issues to prevent more premature deaths… In all, hold on to your God and when you are faced with matters like this, see your doctor and pray to get better.
Remember, two good heads are better than one.. Be reminded that depression cuts across all communities, races, gender, religion, etc.. No one is immune and no vaccine yet. Depression is a silent killer.

Speakout and get help from the right people, right places and right time… and that time is NOW.

May their souls Rest In Peace. 
May God be with us all, Amen